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Our Merit-Based Judicial Selection and Retention System is Working

Vic Fischer

“The judiciary has lived up to every objective in terms of fashioning a system based on merit. We have had the most phenomenal judges and justices in our system and it has worked extremely well.”

Vic FischerConstitutional Convention Delegate
Nicole Borromeo

“We have one of the most respected judicial systems in the nation. If the process is tweaked in a way that will add more outside influence, we as Alaskans should be very concerned about that.”

Nicole BorromeoGeneral Counsel - Alaska Federation of Natives
Michael Geraghty

“I feel very strongly about the judicial merit system we have here in Alaska. It has worked great since it was started and I think our system is the envy of the rest of the United States.”

Michael GeraghtyFormer Attorney General of Alaska

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Former judge says Alaska should keep politics out of judicial selection process

Former Alaska judge Elaine Andrews believes the state has one of the best processes for selecting judges in the country — and she’d like to keep it that way. “It is among the most transparent in the nation,” Andrews said during the March 1 meeting of the Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber of Commerce at the ER […]

League of Women Voters of Alaska support merit-based judicial selection and retention process

Over the past three years, Alaskan organizations, newspapers and individuals have come out in opposition to proposed constitutional amendments that would politicize the state’s merit-based judicial selection and retention system. Organizations in opposition include the Alaska Federation of Natives, (AFN), the Alaska AFL-CIO, the Tanana Chiefs Conference and the ANCSA Regional Association (which represents the […]